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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska Well Drillers Association Archives

Courtesy of the School of Natural Resources

Selected NWDA Items of General Interest

A History of the Cooperation Between NWDA and CSD

  • First printed in FlatWater: A History of Nebraska and Its Water (1993), this paper is a history of the cooperation between the NWDA and the Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Capitol Supply News

  • This pdf file is scanned from Capitol Supply News, Vol. 5, March 20, 1929. It has interesting information about the first NWDA Annual Convention, including the convention group photograph.

Fiftieth (50th) Anniversary T-Shirt

  • Images of the Golden Anniversary (1980 Annual Convention) T-Shirt.

Selected Newspaper Clippings

  • Clippings about the Annual Convention from 1929 - 1940.

So You Need a Water Well? A Consumer's Guide to Hownowner's Drinking Water

  • (Miscellaneous Publication No. 43) Prepared cooperatively by the Nebraska Well Drillers Association and the Conservation and Survey Division. Eleven-page brochure in pdf format.