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Nebraska Well Drillers Association Archives

Courtesy of the School of Natural Resources

Minutes of the 1952 Annual Convention

Minutes of the 21st Annual Conference and Short Course
Nebraska Well Drillers Association
February 21, 22, 1952

The Twenty-first Annual Convention and Short Course of the Nebraska Well Drillers Association was held at the Bancroft School Building, University of Nebraska. One hundred fifty - five members and the representatives of forty - five manufacturers and jobbers firms were registered with twenty-seven firms having exhibits on display.

President H. O. Parkert called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, February 21 and gave a short address of welcome. The new members were asked to stand and introduce themselves, after which all the members and guests introduced themselves in order.

The following committees were appointed by the President:

Nominations, Fred W. Salmon, Chairman, Frank Cole, Ray Broadbent;

Membership, Frank Cole, Chairman, Emil Blomquist, Charles Hedges, Robert Melcher, Clyde Harmon;

Program, Ed. Schumacher, Chairman, Keith Muenchau, Gus Thiezen;

Resolutions, Harold Elijah, Chairman, Charles Hedges, Gus Carlson;

Auditing, Alfred Hugo, Chairman, Art Johnson, Leland Jorgeson;

Condolence, Jack Ellsworth, Chairman, Roy Cox;

Legislative, Charles Hedges, Chairman, Forrest Hanson, Merle Mook.

The remainder of the morning was spent in reviewing exhibits and the morning session concluded with a group photograph being taken. The group dined at the Student Union ballroom; 184 attended.

The technical session opened with a talk, "Regulations on Steel and Copper Priority Ratings and Allotments" by Marvin K. Hicks, U. S. Department of Commerce Field Service. Mr. Hicks explained how well drilling contractors are affected by the regulations and their need for filing the quarterly application blanks (CMP-4C).

A panel discussion on the "Reverse Circulation Method of Well Drilling" was led by Meder Smith who discussed the early development of this method of drilling. He was assisted by 0. C. Gossett, Winter Weiss Company, who discussed some of the technical aspects and capabilities of the Reverse Circulation drill, and by Frank Cole, Harold Elijah and Maurice Kirby who told of the applications of this method in their respective areas of the state. Mr. Kirby presented movies showing Reverse Circulation drilling in operation.

The technical session for the first day was concluded with a lecture on "Plastic Pipe" by E. S. Moreland, Carlon Products Corporation, who also showed a movie on a "Demonstration of Speedy Well Drilling."

The usual excellent Dutch Lunch, furnished through the courtesy of the manufacturers and jobbers, was held at the Lincoln Hotel Thursday evening, February 21, with two - hundred sixty - four persons attending. The main address of the evening, "In Front of the Procession," was presented by Dr. G. E. Condra. Lieutenant Governor Charles Warner and Regent Robert W. Devoe, Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, were introduced and they honored the group with short addresses. Dinner music was furnished by Ziegenbein's Oldtimers and group signing was led by Charles Putney. A special event of the evening was the presentation of attendance awards by President H. O. Parkert. Master Driller Awards were presented to four drillers who have an attendance record at the Annual Conference and Short Course of twenty years. These drillers were:

Frank Cole, Loomis
Andrew Olson, Oakland
Wendell Mikics, Cedar Bluffs
Fred D. Salmon, Concord

Special Driller Awards were presented to eleven drillers who have an attendance record of fifteen or more years. They were

C. F. Dimery, Beaver Crossing
Robert Melcher, Omaha
A. A. Horn, Papillion
W. H. Kreoger, Litchfield
W. H. McGarvey, David City
Clifford Marx, Wisner
Roy Cox, North Loup
William E. Muenchau, Eagle
Fred W. Salmon, Wakefield
F. M. Shaner, Ainsworth
A. M. Veatch, Mahaska, Kansas

The morning session, Friday, February 22, was opened with the election of officers. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Fred W. Salmon, gave the committee's report making the following nominations and recommendations: Fred D. Salmon nominated for President; Erlo Cox and Maurice Kirby nominated for Vice President; Herman J, Wagner nominated as Director to replace E. J. Wagner; that Andrew Olson be re-elected Treasurer; and that V. H. Dreeszen be re-elected Secretary. There were no other nominations from the floor. A motion was made by Clifford Marx and seconded by Frank Cole that the rules be suspended and the secretary instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for F. D. Salmon - President, Andrew Olson - Treasurer, V. H. Dreeszen - Secretary, and Herman J. Wagner - Director. The motion was passed unanimously and President Parkert declared the nominees elected a secret ballot was conducted and Erlo Cox was elected as Vice President. President Parkert appointed Clyde Harmon as District Chairman to represent the western area of the state, bringing the number of district chairmen to five.

The technical session reconvened following the election of officers and Roy Wilcox of McCook explained "A Simple Method of Well Drilling" devised by him and used successfully for a number of years. Adrian Mathis, Chief Chemist for the H. C. Spinks Clay Company, discussed "The Use of Drilling Muds in Water Well Construction." L. A. Sanger and O. D. DeFrain of the City of Lincoln - Lancaster County Health Department discussed "Sanitary Wells, Their Relation to Public Health." They told of the success that has been experienced with above - ground pump installations in Lancaster County from both the financial and sanitary aspects. The sanitary requirements for Grade A mild production were discussed.

The morning session dismissed for lunch and after a review of exhibits the technical session concluded with a talk and illustrations by R. L. Schreurs,.U. S. Geological Survey, on "Electrical Logging in the State - Federal Test Drilling Program."

The business session was opened by President F. D. Salmon. The minutes of the last business meeting were read by the Secretary and the motion that they be approved as read was passed. The Secretary's and Treasurer's report was read by the Secretary and the Auditing Committee gave their report that they had examined the reports and found them in good order and correct. Frank Cole made a motion the reports be approved as read. The motion was seconded by Arthur Haggard and the motion passed.

Jack Ellsworth, Chairman of the Condolence Committee, reported that it had been brought to the Committee's attention that Mr. Garmley and Chris Apps had passed away and that Frank Shaner, past president, was still ill. The Committee recommended the Secretary be instructed to write messages of condolence to the deceased men's family and that a letter be written to Frank Shaner to the effect that the members missed his presence and hoped that he would attend in the near future. A motion was made by Charles Condon and seconded by Gus Carlson that the report be approved as read and it was passed.

The Program Committee was not present to give their report.

Harold Elijah, Chairman of the Resolutions Committee, read their report included elsewhere in the minutes, and recommended the Secretary be directed to send a copy of the resolutions to those to whom thanks and appreciation were extended. The motion was made and passed that the report of the Committee be approved as read.

The following special resolution was presented to the members by the Resolutions Committee: "Under no circumstances will a well driller be a party to a project to construct a well hole (or ground hole) which will be intended for the reception and disposal of domestic or other wastes which might contaminate or render the ground water supply potentially dangerous." "Any well driller will report to the State Health Department any case where they have reason to believe that anyone is or is attempting (inadvertently or otherwise) to discharge sewage or other contaminating or polluting wastes into the ground water supply." This resolution was discussed and a motion was made by George Condon and seconded by Andrew Olson that the Association adopt this resolution - it passed unanimously.

The following Code of Ethics was presented to the members by the Resolutions Committee.

  • Place the welfare of the customers first.
  • Pledge ourselves to drill most sanitary well possible
  • Conserve material
  • Adopt fair trade practices
  • Cooperate with all drillers in spreading information
  • Pledge ourselves to foster a better understanding of more sanitary conditions Use good materials in the construction of wells
  • Pledge ourselves to fully appreciate the responsibilities of our trade.

A motion that the Code of Ethics be adopted with the suggestion that it be edited by the Directors before distribution was made by Andrew Olson and seconded by Frank Cole. The motion passed unanimously.

A suggestion was made by the Resolutions Committee that a picnic and well drilling exhibition be planned this coming summer. Much discussion followed as to proper time place, and whether enough manufacturers of well drilling equipment would cooperate. A motion was made by H. O. Parkert and seconded by Frank Cole that the picnic be held next year - the motion passed.

Frank Cole, Chairman of the Membership Committee, reported his committee had no formal recommendations but suggested a reminder card again be sent to the members the latter part of the year to remind them of our 1953 Convention.

A motion was made by Clifford Marx and seconded by Andrew Olson that the 1953 Convention be held Thursday and Friday, February 19 and 20, 1953. The motion passed.

Charles Hedges, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, reported that his committee attended a hearing at the last legislative meeting on truck licensing fees. The present bill now states that all truck - mounted drilling machines shall be assessed a flat license fee of $10.00. Trailer - mounted drilling machines are assessed one dollar per thousand pounds for trailer load weight, up to 4000 pounds. Trailers over 4000 pounds have to pay three - fourths the fee of a commercial truck license.

A suggestion was made and approved by the group that the Secretary obtain a more satisfactory public address system for the next meeting.

A motion was made and passed authorizing the payment of outstanding bills.

A motion was made by Clifford Marx and seconded by Harold Elijah that the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed.

V. H, Dreeszen, Secretary
Nebraska Well Drillers Association

Nebraska Well Drillers Association
Twentieth Annual Conference and Short Course
February 21 and 22, 1952

Resolutions: Feb. 22, 1952

Whereas, Doctor Condra and his able assistants of the Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division have again so generously welcomed the members of the Nebraska Well Drillers Association and have contributed so generously of their time and information to help make our annual meeting a success, and

Whereas, E. C. Reed has generously contributed of his time and services in organizing and directing the convention and assisting with the program, and

Whereas, Dr. G. E. Condra, Lt. Governor Charles Warner, Regent Robert W. Devoe, Meder Smith, O. G. Gossett, Frank Cole, Maurice Kirby, Harold Elijah, Marvin Hicks., E. S. Moreland, Roy Wilcox, Adrian Mathis, L. A. Sanger, O. D. DeFrain, Raymond Schreurs, Herbert Waite and others who have honored the Association by their presence and by delivering their addresses and demonstrations, and

Whereas, the manufacturers and jobbers of well supplies have assisted greatly by presenting interesting exhibits of new materials and well supplies and also entertaining the members of the Association at a most enjoyable Dutch Lunch, and

Whereas, the Public Relations office of the University of Nebraska, the press of Lincoln and other Nebraska cities have extended very cordial and generous publicity on the work of the Association, and

Whereas, the need for continuous studies of ground water resources in the State of Nebraska has long been recognized and the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska in cooperation with the U. S. Geological Survey has collected a large amount of ground water data and are diligently continuing these cooperative ground water surveys. Therefore be it resolved that we again recommend the substantial progress that has been made and urge the above mentioned agencies to fully coordinate the data obtained and make them available in published form so that the greatest possible benefits may be derived there from, and

Whereas the officers of the Nebraska Well Drillers Association have contributed much of their time to make this meeting a success, and

Whereas George S. Brinton has contributed much of his time and services in organizing and preparing the Dutch Lunch and entertainment, and

Whereas the Student Union under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Speer prepared and served an excellent noon lunch for the members of the Association, and

Whereas the University of Nebraska and Dr. Floyd H. Hoover so generously made the Student Activity Room 108 of Bancroft Building available to the Association for their meeting,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Nebraska Well Drillers Association assembled at Lincoln, Nebraska, February 21 - 22., 1952, express to each and everyone of the above their sincere appreciation and thanks.

Resolutions Committee:
Chairman Harold B. Elijah
Charles K. Hedges
Gustav A. Carlson