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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska Well Drillers Association Archives

Courtesy of the School of Natural Resources

Annual Convention Banquet / Fun Fest / Dutch Lunch Programs (1936 - 1984)

Since 1929, NWDA has hosted an annual banquet (also referred to as the Fun Fest and/or Dutch Lunch) during its annual convention. At most of the conventions, a hardcopy program had been produced. At other conventions, the banquet activities were listed in the main convention program.

The banquet programs were scanned at 200 dpi and converted to Adobe PDF files.  The files range in size from 213KB to 613KB. To download a banquet program file, place your cursor on the link, right click, and save.


  • 1929 (b)









1985 - Present (b)

(a) 1943-1945, No convention due to World War II travel restrictions.
(b) No separate banquet program was produced. Instead, these activities are listed within the main convention program.