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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska Well Drillers Association Archives

Courtesy of the School of Natural Resources

The Nebraska Well Drillers Association Archives

NWDA Archives Support

Nebraska Well Drillers Association LogoThe Nebraska Well Drillers Association (NWDA) Archives administrative and logistical support, including web site services, are provided by the School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

Summary of this Web Site

Since 1929, NWDA has hosted an annual convention. This web site contains the convention minutes, convention group photographs, convention programs, convention banquet (fun fest / Dutch lunch) programs, and the annual January short course programs. In addition, several other items of general interest are included under the miscellaneous and newspaper clippings buttons. We hope you find this information useful.

CSD/SNR and NWDA - A History of Cooperation Since 1929

In January, 1929, Dr. George E. Condra, dean and director of the Conservation and Survey Division (CSD), now part of the School of Natural Resources (SNR), UNL, invited twelve well drillers to campus. From this meeting, they organized a state-wide association of well drillers. Since that time, NWDA has become one of the largest and most successful state water well drillers associations in the United States. Since the beginning, NWDA and CSD/SNR have worked closely together, and that relationship remains strong today. One primary role of CSD/SNR is to manage and house the archives of the NWDA. As such, we present here many of the important and interesting documents, and other items, of NWDA.

2008 Convention Participants (lists in pdf)